Friday, 10 June 2011

Demam 14 hari

My 14 days DIY-ing items

My Bantal Hantaran for him!

Alatan makmal yang digunakan

Mangsa!Sori i takde niat nak perkosa u :p

Done 7 Bijik. 5 to go. Tapi i rasa i kena tmbh sket, Spare in case ada org nak
derma barang hantaran dkt i. :D

Oh bantal tue tak complete lagi. Pending accesories. Belum cari.Maybe tomorrow

My 14 days fever

I cant stop thinking about my preps.Even during working time.
See, drawing di kiri, list preps di kanan.Depan laptop,bawah kalkulator.
Sori boss!

Tomorrow, i ada wedding in Penang, dekat area PISA, will go there with my super lesby mate Hem. Esok pagi die akan pg collect lantern ball and Paper bag yang i order thru Paper lantern fb tue dekat MCD Kulim. Then, we r heading to Penang for a wedding, lepas tue kitorg nak pg sini

PPH nak cari white box. But i taktau dorg buka on saturday ke tak. Sigh~

Oh this is in my DIY waiting list.

Super easy to Do. trust me!

Also in waiting list

This two items are for decorations, will mix with paper lantern and hang it in front of the house.

Mak dah warning

"wedding nnti kena buat lagi baik pasal dis one dah sgt over for engagement. "

Kakak i
"over!Go for very details nnti for wedding"

My fiancee to be said
Die penat layan kerenah i yang ajak die keliling kedai smpi 10 kali sbb nak cari yang paling cantik. Dang!

1 word for myself. I think im perfectionist when involving with my special day like this.


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